Psychodrama is a lesser-known branch of psychotherapy which works on many different levels. It is most often practised in a group setting but can also be used effectively one-to-one.

The dynamic nature of Psychodrama facilitates "spontaneity" or the "s factor" (defined by it's creator, J.L. Moreno), by cutting through our verbal defences and engaging all of our physical senses. It helps us to integrate past, present and future, helping us to change our inner worlds, repairing old wounds, forging new associations, and reconnecting with our childlike ability to be truly spontaneous and creative, able to respond to new situations without the heavy baggage from the past.

When we release old, outdated emotions and beliefs, we clear the way for amazing new experiences and relationships, embracing who we really are.

I regularly run personal development days using Psychodrama and I use psychodramatic techniques within my individual therapy sessions whenever it feels right.

Psychodrama is the main component of the Soul Therapy Group which I run with my partner twice a month.


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