Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy  is our unique way of working with individuals and groups. Our approach combines energy healing with psychotherapy, sound work and bodywork . We aim to help people fulfil their soul purpose by becoming more conscious of how the personality can impinge on our spirituality and stop us from remembering our true potential. Often blocks are subconsciously created in childhood which initially protect us as children but go on to restrict and inhibit us as adults. Sometimes the emotions are locked into the body and need to be safely released to make space for love and light and to prevent illness in the body. Sometimes childhood experiences are clues to what we need to glean from our past lives. We believe that our wisdom as a human being comes from having experiences and having the capacity to feel emotion. The human brain needs us to feel emotion in order to fully integrate what we have experienced; therefore it’s essential that we have full access to the emotions that we suppressed at difficult times in our current or past lives.

My partner and I run our Soul Therapy Group twice a month, once on a Tuesday evening, 6 to 8.30pm and once on a Saturday afternoon, 1 to 5pm. The group is ongoing and has an established culture of love and acceptance, whilst at the same time fostering honesty and managing difficulties in a real way.



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